Opt out

You don't want to be listed here? There are several ways to opt-out from our index:

  • On Mastodon you can set noindex option in your profile. Head to PreferencesOther and check the option labeled as Opt-out of search engine indexing
  • On Mastodon you can remove yourself from data offered by your instance's API. Head to PreferencesPreferences and uncheck the option labeled as Suggest account to others
  • You can add #nobot tag to your profile description
  • If you are a server maintainer, you can disable crawling of your instance using robots.txt. Just expose a textfile on your instance's domain, on path
    https://<your instace's domain>/robots.txt with the following content:

    User-agent: FediCrawl/1.0
    Disallow: /

It can take up to 3 weeks for the change to be processed